Natural flavonoids from fruits and vegetables dramatically lower cancer risk

(NaturalNews) Natural compounds commonly found in many fruits and vegetables are among the most powerful agents we have in our dietary arsenal to combat many forms of cancer. Flavonoids and proanthocyanidins have evolved as a protective mechanism for a variety of different plants and play a critical role in preventing disease in humans. Our body […]

Are you fighting YOUR free radicals? JAM IT UP with the genius of Flavon Jam

Some of us might not think much of free radicals but they cause a lot of diseases and this is what causes them: Breathing (5% of the oxygen we breath causes free radicals), Pollution, Stress, Radiation, foods (chemically treated, processed foods), smoking, drinking (a glass of red wine could be good though), toxins, drugs, UV […]

A Touch of Genius? Flavon Max Jam

As you know there are so many reports and articles on the benefits of fruits and vegetables in our lives and therefore I like to draw attention again to the Flavon jam. Flavon Max Jam gives you 160 kg worth of the right combination of either fruits or vegetables in 1 carton of all natural […]

Disease Prevention & Anti-Aging Benefits of Flavonoids

by Byron J. Richards                Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist   (Byron’s website below) Flavonoids are gaining international attention for their diverse array of powerful health benefits. In the old days they were mostly thought of as antioxidants. In the new era involving epigenetics and gene expression they are potent […]