Flavon Max Plus

Exercise, eat a balanced diet and get those flavonoids! The Flavon max Plus+ is the premium member of our product line. It is an exclusive product created for adults who are ‘at risk’ because they are subjected to serious strain, and for whom health protection is of high priority because of their lifestyle. Antioxidants and high […]

What Are The Benefits Of Flavonoids?

http://www.wisegeekhealth.com/what-are-the-benefits-of-flavonoids.htm Flavonoids are a class of beneficial compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and herbs that have numerous health-promoting properties. Research suggests that many of these compounds, which can be seen in the pigment of brightly colored vegetation, may help prevent cancer, protect against heart disease, and even prevent the degenerative effects of accelerated aging. Many […]

Flavonoids Nutritional Benefits

By Juliann Schaeffer Today’s Geriatric Medicine   http://www.todaysgeriatricmedicine.com/archive/070113p30.shtml Research surrounding flavonoids, the healthy chemicals found in myriad fruits and vegetables as well as tea and wine, points to numerous health benefits for various patient populations—and the elder set is no exception. How flavonoids relate to bone health, cancer prevention, and especially cardiovascular disease protection have all […]

GET THE JAM!! The Truth About Cancer…

from:  http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/truth-about-cancer/the-truth-about-cancer The CDC just reported that only ½ to 1% of metastatic cancer patients live longer than 5 years. Another published article in Current Cancer Research stated that chemotherapy is now credited with remissions in only 7% of cancer cases. We can drastically increase these numbers. Global Healing Center has developed an individual or […]

Fighting Free Radicals

January 4, 2013 · by Salette Ann Andrews http://www.flavonmax.com/referral/index.php?sponsor=M-345068&lang=EN Your body comprises trillions of cells. Cells, in turn, are made up of many molecules. Molecules consist of atoms joined by chemical bonds. Atoms consist of neutrons, protons, and electrons. The number of positively charged protons in the atom’s nucleus determines the number of negatively charged electrons surrounding […]