The power of Flavonjam

Flavon Jam Products active ingredients of 3lbs for each spoon of either fruits or veggies Flavon jam 40kg of either fruits or vegetables per jar Very high antioxidant content scientifically measured by ORAC 12,000-14,000 ORAC units in 1 teaspoon dose, over 26,000 units per day   Unique jam form for 90% absorbency No preservatives & great taste, ISO 22000 Food Safety Certified […]

Flavonjam, if your health is important to you, JAM IT UP, it can’t be bought in a shop, thats how it is, everyone is telling you how important fruits and vegetables are (because of their flavonoid content), the stuff which fights diseases and helps preventing them. Each jar 40 kg worth of the right combination […]

Increased flavonoid consumption associated with reduced cardiovascular deaths

DIG IN THE JAM! January 06, 2012. An article published online on January 4, 2012 in theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals a lower risk of dying ofcardiovascular disease among those who consumer more flavonoids: plant-based phytochemicals that may be responsible in part for the reduced risk of heart disease observed among those who consume a diet that […]