FLAVONOIDS (the good guys)-have you got enough?

  Flavon Jam, spoon by spoon, protection for you body active ingredients of 3lbs for each spoon of either fruits or veggies Flavon jam 40kg of either fruits or vegetables per jar Very high antioxidant content scientifically measured by ORAC 12,000-14,000 ORAC units in 1 teaspoon dose, over 26,000 units per day   Unique jam form for 90% absorbency […]

Flavon Protect Jam

In the 21st century everybody needs to maintain their body as effectively as they can day by day. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables contributes to this, since these contain the kind of active plant substances, minerals and vitamins which can make our everyday diet more balanced and varied. A good diet is very important […]

GIVE YOUR HEALTH A BOOST! 40kg worth of fruits in each jar of jam

Flavon Max flavon max BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM The first member of the Flavon max product family was launched in the summer of 2004. Since then more than a hundred thousand satisfied customers have proved its excellent effects and quality. It is its special manufacturing process and naturalness that make this product unique. Breaking with our previous practice, we offer the ingredients […]

A Jam for expectant/nursing mothers and kids

Flavon Kids flavon kids Supplying nutritional requirements for children is a parent’s responsibility. Parents want to provide vitamins and mineral substances essential for their children. Flavon Kids is a dietary supplement designed specifically for children, and expectant / nursing mothers. Flavonoids, as natural antioxidants, offer natural protection for children as well as for adults. Because of the fast […]

Flavonoids in fruits, vegetables and nuts dramatically lower cancer rates

by: Kim Evans from: http://www.naturalnews.com/033708_cancer_flavonoids.html (NaturalNews) Flavonoids and proanthocyanidins are often found in fruits and vegetables, and they are powerful cancer prevention agents. Essentially, flavonoids are potent antioxidants and our body uses them to lower inflammation, reduce blood pressure and fight off free radicals, which cause disease and age us, sometimes from the inside out. New […]