The Healing Powers of Fruits & Veggies

by Dr Ann Kulze, MD Recent health and nutrition studies are showing that plant foods, especially fruits and veggies, are better for us than we ever imagined. For over a half century we have known that they are bursting with health promoting fiber, vitamins, and minerals, but in the last twenty years we have […]

Are you fighting YOUR free radicals? JAM IT UP with the genius of Flavon Jam

Some of us might not think much of free radicals but they cause a lot of diseases and this is what causes them: Breathing (5% of the oxygen we breath causes free radicals), Pollution, Stress, Radiation, foods (chemically treated, processed foods), smoking, drinking (a glass of red wine could be good though), toxins, drugs, UV […]

Flavonoids in fruits, vegetables and nuts dramatically lower cancer rates

by: Kim Evans from:¬† (NaturalNews) Flavonoids and proanthocyanidins are often found in fruits and vegetables, and they are powerful cancer prevention agents. Essentially, flavonoids are potent antioxidants and our body uses them to lower inflammation, reduce blood pressure and fight off free radicals, which cause disease and age us, sometimes from the inside out. New […]

A Flavon Customer’s Feedback and info on Flavonoids from Livestrong

I just received an email of someone who uses the jam and they wrote this: Comment: Im taking Flavon for over a year now together with my family. My husband have had high blood pressure and allergy for 20 years and he took tablets everyday. I had hemorrhoids and frequent urinary tract infections. In the […]