Flavon Protect

flavon protect

In the 21st century everybody needs to maintain their body as effectively as they can day by day. Regular consumption of fruits and vegetables contributes to this, since these contain the kind of active plant substances, minerals and vitamins which can make our everyday diet more balanced and varied.

A good diet is very important for all ages. This is especially true for those who did not eat properly at an earlier stage of their lives; they were addicted to their former eating habits and their restricted dietary opportunities. It is particularly for these people that we offer our Flavon Protect product which, thanks to its ingredients, helps to make our diet varied.

The constitutions of the younger middle-aged and elderly have gone through a lot. It is important to pay more attention to various tell-tale signs and to do as much as possible for a healthy life protected from harmful external influences. Flavon Protect can be an effective part of this protection. During the manufacturing process, just as with the other Flavon products we protect the valuable substances contained within the ingredients. Due to the special manufacturing technology our product contains no preservatives either!

Contains no preservatives!




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