Welcome to the World of Flavon Max Jam

    WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF FLAVON MAX JAM On this Blog website you find general info about flavonoids and their health benefits also via various links, info on Flavon Max jam products for consumption (and their incredible benefits)and info on the business opportunity if of interest. This website will lead you to the […]

Raw organic fruits and vegetables can cure cancer, so why don’t oncologists tell their patients?

NaturalNews) There is a 75-year “CON” known as Western Medicine, but it’s a hush-hush topic in the news and in newspapers and magazines. Although medical doctors and surgeons are experts at fixing broken bones or removing animal fat from clogged arteries, the “pharmaceutical nation” known as the USA is caving in on itself, but nobody […]

A Touch of Genius? Flavon Max Jam

As you know there are so many reports and articles on the benefits of fruits and vegetables in our lives and therefore I like to draw attention again to the Flavon jam. Flavon Max Jam gives you 160 kg worth of the right combination of either fruits or vegetables in 1 carton of all natural […]

Cancer and plant based diet: from Oprah Winfrey’s site on fruits and vegetables

http://www.oprah.com/health/Can-a-Plant-Based-Diet-Cure-Cancer Best-selling author┬áKathy Freston┬áhas long been a proponent for healthy living and conscious eating. Now, through a series of interviews with doctors and nutritionists, Freston discusses the latest research that points to the benefits of a plant-based diet. There is hope. Real, scientifically valid, practical hope. This is what I am learning from a few […]

Watch Bill Clinton on Plant based diet- fruits and vegetables

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