Flavonoids – what is this ?

Flavonoids are natural substances of plant origin with antioxidant properties. Flavonoids are plant immune system and transferred to our bodies to fulfill the function of our protection.They are common in flowers, fruits , seeds, leaves and roots , giving plants the color , taste and smell (eg fruits , which have a very high content of flavonoids , for example berries of dark color ) .

fruits and veggies

 How does flavonoids work?  They support the immune system, they support the defense against viruses ( flu , cold sores). They have an activity to reduce inflammation, increase the activity of estrogen, help in the prevention of memory impairment , brain damage and slow down aging ( Alzheimer’s disease , Parkinson’s .Positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system (atherosclerosis , varicose veins). Dilator of blood vessels slightly lower blood pressure. Prevent platelet aggregation . Reduce the risk of blood clots. Reduce the permeability , thin and fragile walls of blood vessels.

Prevent the formation of clots in the blood, thereby reducing the risk of thrombosis. Support the rehabilitation after diseases of the heart and circulatory system ( heart attack , stroke). Reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications .

Flavonoids play an important role in cancer prevention. Polyphenols gently decrease the activity of cytochrome P450 and enhance the activity of glutathione , which significantly accelerates the conversion of toxic substances in the form of water-soluble and fat , so that they can be quickly eliminated from the body.On the skin, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic . Inhibit the activity of collagenase and hyaluronidase. Protect against oxidation of vitamin C , which is necessary for collagen synthesis . Reduce inflammation and also a natural protective filter against UV radiation.

free radical animation


Antioxidants neutralize free radicals. Flavonoids have a very strong antioxidant activity. In other words, an excellent antioxidant flavonoids – neutralize free radicals.

Why free radicals harm ?


The scientific results of recent years have shown that it is a common responsible for  both aging and cancer , cardiovascular disease , degenerative arthritis, cataracts , allergies , and many other chronic diseases – previously considered to be incurable . The pathogenesis of these diseases essential role played by these same mechanisms that cause such rancid fat , and iron coated with rust …One of the main actors of these changes is oxygen ! Oxygen, after its conversion into a reactive derivative , causes progressive ” rusting ” of our body.The resulting free radicals are active in many illneses such as chronic and degenerative .It is also free radicals are responsible for wrinkles resulting from age on our skin . But dry skin and wrinkles is a trifle compared with what is happening in our organs , tissues and cells.  The use of flavonoids the inclusion in the daily diet is a great way of flavonoids preventive care. The use of natural dietary supplements of flavonoids supports and protects the body .But an application of flavonoids may act not only preventive but also can bring about a significant improvement in the condition of the body and it immediately after their application. This is because they fulfill a dual role . Flavonoids not only ” scavenge ” free radicals from the body, but also help regenerate damaged DNA template , which in turn gives you more self-regulation and self-defense. Disease subside under the influence of flavonoids : Allergies , diabetes , arteriosclerosis , hypertension , cancer , inflammation , stroke subcutaneous extravasation , high levels of cholesterol in the blood viral arthritis , varicose veins.


Professor Dr. Dinya Zoltan


World-renowned biochemist Professor of Hungarian origin . Dr. Zoltan Dinya . He worked in the United States , including the National Cancer Research Institute in Washington. He is a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. From 40 years doing research on flavonoids on which has already published more than one hundred and fifty articles.

He is the creator family Flavon containing antioxidants.These supplements are designed for the purpose of chemopreventive and have an extremely high content of polyphenols , flavones and anthocyanins. The results clearly confirm the significant activity of the products of the family Flavon in the process of neutralizing free radicals.

Chemical tests proved extremely high absorption capacity of oxygen free radicals (measured in ORAC ( Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) . Products Flavon max in terms of their composition, antiradical and antioxidant efficacy in vitro among the lines chemopreventive dietary supplements of antioxidant -based fruit -based .In terms of the percentage of flavonoid compounds, Flavon preparations are on the first place among the recognized dietary supplements.





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