A Touch of Genius? Flavon Max Jam

As you know there are so many reports and articles on the benefits of fruits and vegetables in our lives and therefore I like to draw attention again to the Flavon jam.

fruits and veggies

Flavon Max Jam gives you 160 kg worth of the right combination of either fruits or vegetables in 1 carton of all natural jam (4 jars).

A balanced diet is so important for all of us, plus exercise and plenty of water. However none of us can eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables consistently. Try to eat them raw every day, I find it a challenge and eating too many fruits leaves the challenge with the sugar content. Also the purity of fruits and vegetables often has to be questioned.

Thats were the Flavon jams are genius because the company grows everything under the purest of conditions and they managed to keep the key nutritional ingredients (flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidants) alive, so with each little spoonful you consume the equivalent of almost 0.5 kg of either fruits or vegetables. These flavonoids are alive and therefore are so effective in the fight of those free radicals in our bodies.

flavon max jam

flavon max jam



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