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fruits and veggies

It’s so important to have a balanced diet, exercise and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. It sounds simple but can be very effective. Cancer seems to be on such an increase, some doctors apparently say that by the year 2020 every other person could have some sort of cancer.

I personally don’t believe in buying in to any fear. If the stats are going to be correct, they are staggering though. 100 years ago it was 1 in a hundred.

In this environment we unquestionably need more of the correct nutrients for our bodies to cope with our modern environmental stress factors, to fight those free radicals which alter our cell DNA and cause cells to mutate (and of course other diseases).

I can’t recommend Flavon jam highly enough to help protecting our bodies and even fighting stuff which is already going on inside of us. Don’t forget in each jar of jam are all natural and alive flavonoids/antioxidants of 40kg worth of the right combination of either fruits or vegetables.

JAM IT UP it’s high time to fuel our bodies not just with what they need but also with what they can absorb (90% absorption rate). Your immune system will love you for it. But don’t skip on your healthy and balanced diet…and  exercise.



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