Do you value your brain?/ Also: Flavon Sponsors Athletes

Again, Flavon Jam packs the punch because Flavonoids/antioxidants are kept alive and 40 kg worth of either fruits or vegetables in any jar of jam goes a long way towards your health. Thats why this is so effective and the jam like consistency allows at least 90% to be absorbed by your body. Keep this in mind when you read on:


Flavonoids and brain health: multiple effects underpinned by common mechanisms


The neuroprotective actions of dietary flavonoids involve a number of effects within the brain, including a potential to protect neurons against injury induced by neurotoxins, an ability to suppress neuroinflammation, and the potential to promote memory, learning and cognitive function. This multiplicity of effects appears to be underpinned by two processes. Firstly, they interact with important neuronal signalling cascades leading to an inhibition of apoptosis triggered by neurotoxic species and to a promotion of neuronal survival and differentiation. These interactions include selective actions on a number of protein kinase and lipid kinase signalling cascades, most notably the PI3K/Akt and MAP kinase pathways which regulate pro-survival transcription factors and gene expression. Secondly, they induce peripheral and cerebral vascular blood flow in a manner which may lead to the induction of angiogenesis, and new nerve cell growth in the hippocampus. Therefore, the consumption of flavonoid-rich foods, such as berries and cocoa, throughout life holds a potential to limit the neurodegeneration associated with a variety of neurological disorders and to prevent or reverse normal or abnormal deteriorations in cognitive performance.

Antioxidants, flavonoids
Sport and Flavon max

Antioxidants are materials present in food in a natural form. They are preventive against harmful molecules with oxygen constituents, which we know as free radicals. These latter are produced everywhere in the body as a result of oxidation processes, but they can multiply significantly as a result of hormonal effects, inappropriate lifestyle, harmful habits, insufficient sleep or inadequate nutrition. Free radicals try to bind to protein, fat and other genetic materials within the cells. This connection damages the cells, which triggers the production of even more free radicals. Our cells are exposed to the harmful effects caused by these free radicals throughout our whole lives: the result is damage to the tissues and a more difficult process of cell self-regeneration.
According to researchers’ assumptions, antioxidants taken into the body can help to prevent the problems described above and assist in slowing down the process of aging.
Our body can also produce antioxidants to protect itself against the harmful effects of free radicals, but not enough to deal with our modern way of life. Our body needs support! This support can be provided by taking antioxidants regularly with adequate nutrition and dietary supplements.
Taking regular exercise is an essential component of a health-conscious lifestyle. In order for our body to meet the challenges of sport, we have to maintain a proper diet and good nutrition. Plant pigments and other antioxidant compounds are extremely important in this respect because they provide effective defence against the harmful effect of increased free radicals resulting from intensive exercise.
As we all know, there are two factors of paramount importance in sport, namely Health and Success. We at Flavon max have made both of them available. The mission of the Consumer Club management is to promote a healthy lifestyle by, for example, sponsoring professional sportspeople to prepare for competitions. Thus we supported Ferenc Novák, the well-known cyclist and Guinness-record holder, who has so
far covered more than 1,500,000 kilometres, and won awards weighing altogether 3.5 kg in the meantime. He has been to 40 countries in Europe, appeared three times in the Guinness Book of Records, and has been elected among the Honorary Members of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. We also sponsor Zsófia Csonka (shooting), who represented Hungary in the finals of the 10 meter air pistol and 25 meter sport pistol category at the 2008 Peking Olympic Games.
We are extremely proud of Tamás Varga, water polo player, our double Olympic champion, world champion and European silver medallist. The LEN trophy winner number one sportsman supported by the Flavon max Consumer Club has recently moved to Montenegro, and we hope he will not only take his goals there but the fame of our products as well. For our company it is very important that Tamás Varga, a further world- renowned Club Member guarantees the champion quality of our products.
Furthermore, we can proudly affirm that the Flavon max products are an indispensable component of more and more top sportspeople’s diets. Our Flavon max Plus+ is extremely popular with them because this product has been specially designed for adults subject to serious strain. We are also glad that in the last years Flavon products have become the most popular dietary supplements of several top teams, which is a result of their constantly high quality. Naturally, it is a huge advantage that Flavon max does not contain any prohibited substance currently on the list of doping substances.
A great number of professional sportspeople have adopted the Flavon max lifestyle. Among our Club Members there are several top water polo, football and handball players, athletes and racing drivers, to mention just a few of the best known sports. These people have proved that Flavon max is an opportunity that mustn’t be missed!

Flavon jam helped me with a shoulder injury I got one day doing kettlebell snatches which was very painful, but after one night and two spoonfuls of the jam, all pain was gone! (a few years ago I had a similar injury and it took ages to heal, only got better eventually after some acupuncture treatment)

flavon max jam

flavon max jam









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