Flavonoid Benefits- worthy reading

Flavonoids are a category of chemicals that are found in a variety of foods and which contain many beneficial properties. There are a number of different subgroups of flavonoids, all containing slightly different benefits. However, all flavonoids have a certain degree of cancerprevention ability built into them.

Flavonoids can help to prevent cancer by providing your body with a certain type of chemical that it uses called an antioxidant. Antioxidants have been shown in studies to reduce the risk of cancer when included in a balanced and healthy diet. While flavonoids and antioxidants are by no means a guaranteed protection against cancer, they can help to prevent the onset of this condition, so it’s wise to include them in your diet.

How Flavonoids Benefit Your Body

Flavonoids contain antioxidants, which are chemicals that help to neutralize rogue oxygen species that can occur in your body. When various chemical compounds that contian oxygen are broken down in your body as a result of natural biochemical processes, occasionally certain oxygen species that are not stable can be formed. These oxygen particles can cause destructive damage to different parts of your body if they are left alone. Specifically, these oxygen species will tend to damage certain cells within your body.

Antioxidants are chemicals that exist in your body and which neutralize those oxygen species before they can cause any damage to your cells. This helps to keep you healthier and reduces and often eliminates the dangers posed by those oxygen particles.

In terms of cancer benefits, antioxidants can help as well. It is believed that people who have had routine and repeated cell damage in various parts of their body may be more susceptible to certain forms of cancer. If you’ve had cell damage as a result of oxygen species, for instance, you may be slightly more likely to develop cancerous mutations in your cells later on in life. Antioxidants therefore eliminate that risk, or at least help to ensure that the damage to your cells does not come from those oxygen particles.

Including Flavonoids in Your Diet

Fortunately, flavonoids are very easy to include in any balanced diet. Flavonoids are plant particles. They develop in fruits and vegetables and are found in virtually some form and to some degree in all produce. Generally, in order to best include flavonoids in your diet in a way that will help your body best, it’s a good idea to consume lots of raw fruits and vegetables. Go for dark colored produce and especially opt for leafy green vegetables. If you do decide to cook your produce, cook it lightly and avoid draining it of nutritional benefits.

For more information about flavonoids and their many benefits, speak with a doctor or nutritionist. These people can also help to give you advice about how to best include flavonoids in your diet and in the healthiest manner possible.

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