Get your health in order with Flavon Max jam

Your grand parents, parents and doctors always said that you have to eat your fruits and vegetables because they are good for you. The challenge however is to eat the right amounts in the right combination consistently every day to get all the essential nutrients into our bodies to help keep diseases away or even slow our aging process.

After much scientific research the Hungarian company Flavon Max has set up a factory to produce the solution to this problem, an all natural fruit or vegetable jam loaded with alive flavonoids/antioxidants. 40 kg worth of either fruits or vegetables in each single 300gr jar of jam. So just one little spoonful of jam will give your immunesystem the boost needed to help neutralize free radicals in your bodies (these are the ones which attack our cells, distort  them and cause diseases etc.) Read more about the benefits of flavonoids:

The jam tastes great , is effective and so far there are 6 different options, even for pregnant/ breastfeeding women and kids, and of course for everyone else. All products are safe, regulated and verified by the relevant authorities, even won awards.

Flavon is an amazing dietary supplement each jam contains between 7 and 11 combinations of fruits or vegetables containing 80 pounds of fruits or vegetables per jar! These combinations have a complex and synergetic effect increasing their health benefits.

Flavon comes in six variations, five contain fruit and cover varying lifestyle needs plus one Vegetable product for everyone.

Put them in your diet, you will love it, your body will thank you for it.

In addition to looking after your health you can also get discounts on future orders, earn a little extra or start your own business with this jam. Have a look at this link and you find all the info you need.



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